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    Passenger car tire accompanying equipment

    First one in China

    First-time success rate :98.6% ➡99.4%

    Non-stop line fault diagnosis/treatment technology

    Remote monitoring and processing

    Commercial vehicle tire accompanying equipment

    World's first automatic tire assemblyequipment for fully automatic heavy-duty trucks and commercial vehicles.
    With automatic logistics and feedingtechnology, tires, hub caps and nuts are fully automatic feeding.

    Frameless door glass automatic adjustment equipment

    Due to positioning without tools, vision shoule be compatible with all models.

    Suck on glass with suction can be set in different suction positions for different car models.
    Glass suction position is adjusted by door actual position to meet the needs of different models.

    Sky screen automatic gluing installation equipment

    Sky screen equipment, fixed positioning installation, skid into station starts to apply glue at the same time, and the skid moves to the canopy installation position to install canopy.

    Automatic feeding, automatic conveying, automatic positioning, automatic gluing,automatic installation, automatic upload after installation surface difference detection.

    ESP unit automatic installation equipment

    ESP Automatic loading and tightening,ESP conveying,ESP oil pipe tightening

    Vertical loop line body
    Integrated bracket assembly
    Open EC tightening

    Ceiling automatic gluing equipment

    Human-machine interaction, pre-planningof the path

    Gluing trajectory is uniform and in place

    Flexible production technology, adapt todifferent model

    Integrated design, fast and flexible installation and deployment, reduce space occupation

    Alternator and compressor automatically tightening equipment

    A typical case of collaborative robot performing tightening process under visual guidance

    Half-shaftautomatic tightening equipment

    Half-axis control and servo mechanism
    Automatic marking device for N-ok screws

    Automatic rolling equipment for wheel fender and widening plate

    Automatic rolling