About Guchi



    The name Guchi comes from the sound of a steam train as it moves forward, representing constant power. As a new high-tech enterprises, our great desire is to achieve the release of all human productivity. Our products are not only robots and their applications, we also provide engineering solutions, product improvement and innovation, continuous predictive maintenance, and spare parts sharing warehousing services. Indeed, we hope to pass on these tips and expertise, and hope that all benefit from the advent of this new era.

    Guchi's innovative technology is working hard to create a new production model that is more efficient, economical, safe and environmentally friendly. We believe that the future of mankind will be better under the guidance of high technology.




    One of the largest intelligent assembly company in China
    Headquarters in Shanghai, 3000 square meters of plant, 150 employees, with Changchun, Zhejiangbranch, the core team has years of working experience in top 500 enterprises
    The most comprehensive of the general assembly application in China
    Include passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and NEV
    One of the most investment for General Assembly Application R&D in China
    30+personnel for R&D, with an independent R&D laboratory, with many well-known research institutes at home and abroad to carry out final assembly R&D cooperation, with a large number of patent technology in the field ofassembly


  • We can perform the following tests and verification:

    • Potential equipment feasibility verification and analysis
    • Validation and analysis of new technologies and solutions
    • Deliveryof equipment factory validation and testing
    • Fast simulation and recovery of actual conditions at customer site (digital Twin)
    • Quick validation and review of solutions

    The laboratory contains:

    • Accompanying adjustable speed track system and communication interface
    • PLC system with state monitoring
    • The latest ATLAS robot special tightening tool
    • Verification platform for anti-high torque parallel robot posture adjustment
    • KUKA,FANUC,ABB,UR test robot and communication module
  • Honor

    Guchi has more than 60 core technology patents, 8 software copyright licenses, 2 IC licenses, and the scope of protection includes all kinds of assembly scene installation equipment, accompanying, tightening, filling and other technologies and various types of robots